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The third book in The Colorado Fosters series is available now! Reid's Runaway Bride centers on Reid Foster and his absolute certainty that Daisy Lennox is the only woman for him. The fact that Daisy ran away from their first wedding doesn't stop Reid from planning a second wedding within days of Daisy's return to Steamboat Springs. Of course, this is news to Daisy! 

Daisy Lennox comes home, and for Reid Foster, nothing has changed. Eight years after she bolted on their wedding day, he can't take his eyes off her. Seeing her walk into Steamboat Springs to care for her two little nieces, Reid is hit by an undeniable realization: they belong together...still.

Love. Marriage. Children. Daisy wanted them...a long time ago. Yet loving Reid comes with too high a price--facing the family secrets she ran from. But then, Reid makes his move...and Daisy starts to sweat. Can she stand up to the force of a Foster's will?

Reid won't let her go without a fight. She owes him a wedding...and this time he intends to collect. 


RT BookReviews - 4.5 Stars and a TOP PICK!

"Set in picturesque Colorado, Madison’s second-chance romance is a pulse-pounding page-turner. Her intuitive hero and wary heroine are fantastically convincing as they discover they are equally at fault for their problems, and the little nieces and canine co-stars are adorable."
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